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Welcome to the online demesne of katherine kerr of the Hermitage, sometime Scots Borderer, wordsmith, mistress of the page both electronic and printed, and ever-hopeful reveller.

I am pleased to have a home for my notes, research and musings on these Current Middle Ages here at the edge of the Knowne Worlde. (And if that sentence makes you blink, you probably need to know more about the Society for Creative Anachronism, the international historical research and recreation group, of which I am a member.)

If you'd like to talk about any of the areas covered on this Website, with questions, comments or suggestions, lay on! (That is, email me.) The original navigation is creaking a bit under the load, but the site search function at left should get to you the right place if you use the right term....

AS50 Challenge

The AS50 Challenge is going to take up a lot of my time and run until 2015! Take a look and find out why:
Depth Challenge
Breadth Challenge
Persona Challenge


January 2014: still distracted by earthquake-related issues, limiting the amount of new stuff or SCA activity. I've made some corrections for broken links and typos, and added a couple of bits in the following places:

  • AS50 Map Challenge: I'm finally getting around to putting the current map collection online and indicating others that are underway
  • More ponderings on the nature of peerage, and why the ordinary can -- should! -- be championed, but not necessarily always (many thanks to Mistress Marienna for challenging me on this one!)

And the older "new" material, in case you missed it:

  • Yet more verses to the Tale of Don Julio; when, O when will this thing stop haunting us?
  • More silk standards, with the latest lot bringing me up to the magic number 50, yay! See the Wulfings standard near the bottom of the sample lineup on the Banners and Standards page

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