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Welcome to the online demesne of katherine kerr of the Hermitage, sometime Scots Borderer, wordsmith, mistress of the page both electronic and printed, and ever-hopeful reveller.

I am pleased to have a home for my notes, research and musings on these Current Middle Ages here at the edge of the Knowne Worlde. (And if that sentence makes you blink, you probably need to know more about the Society for Creative Anachronism, the international historical research and recreation group, of which I am a member.)

If you'd like to talk about any of the areas covered on this Website, with questions, comments or suggestions, lay on! (That is, email me.) The original navigation is creaking a bit under the load, but the site search function at left should get to you the right place if you use the right term....

AS50 Challenge

The AS50 Challenge has been a lot of fun and, as we work our way through AS50, a goodly amount of panic! Take a look and find out why:
Depth Challenge     Breadth Challenge     Persona Challenge
Map Challenge       Others as outlined on my AS50 Challenge page


March 2016: So, having decided to make my AS50 project period to the end of AS50, rather than the beginning (ie April 2016, rather than May 2015), I have been attempting to get all my various scattered projects sorted, completed and written up. Alongside this has been the major distraction of house quake repairs which are nust in their final stages now....

I have a batch of stuff relating to various printed materials and family papers under way. It's been great to get some of it finished, though frustrating to have important books or materials stacked out of reach. Here's the latest lot:

Once I get the books unpacked, there'll be a period-style inventory of the collection, along with wardrobe warrants for my garb, a sketch of the Half-Circle Theatre stage a la the Castle of Perseverance, and more stuff. Keep watching!

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