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Last summer I was fortunate to return to Antarctica, This time as one of the tutors on the Graduate Course for Antarctic Studies. The course included a 14 day field trip to Antarctica, we spent 7 days camped at Windless Bight. This was a very different experience from my previous trip, which was spent in at Cape Bird a coastal environment with pack ice & open water. In contrast windless bight is a flat plain on the Ross Ice shelf, features include Mount Erebus, when visible, Black & White Islands and the white horizon of the Ross Ice shelf, a reduced & minimalist landscape especially in the cloudy conditions that predominated during our visit.

Fleeting effects of light like white satin ribbons or strips of purple or cobalt shadows, horizontal transient streaks, contrasting with the pyramids of polar tents, softened by flow of drapery, but still in stark contrast to the flat plain on which they stood. Echoes are present of other desert landscapes and such a pyramid of canvas covered the bodies of Scott's party and gave us shelter. Meanwhile the ice sheet drapes the land in a shroud from which the pyramidal forms of nunataks protrude, a visual rhyme with the form of the tents.

This show is an exploration of visual rhymes and the correspondence of macro and micro forms. It is also an attempt to communicate the experience of a place that is so otherworldly that it challenges our perceptions of scale & distance, even where the land ends and the sky begins, a place of absence that makes you focus on what is present, like the first sound to break the silence or a trail of footprints across a white expanse.

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"Echoes 3"

"Echoes 2"

"Echoes 4"

"Echoes 6"

"Echoes 7"

"Echoes 10"

"Echoes 11"

"Echoes Series 1"

"Echoes Series 1b"


"Pyramids 2"


"Rechoes 12"

"Shelter 6"

"Shelters 0"

"Shelters 3"

"Shelters 4"

"Shelters 5"

"Strange Days"

"Written On Snow"


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