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Special CF2021 Padrone Offer

In support of the Criminality Faire

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The Banco di Don Julio calls for investors of good standing to support things of an Entertaining and Educational Bent at Canterbury Faire 2021, and receive the best protection money can buy from certain Rogues, Vagabonds and Sturdy Beggars, not to mention Corsairs, Sea dogs, Sellswords and others of Such Ilk.

An investment of just 25 gold will see benefits accrue and status increase as your largesse is put to Good Works, and you yourself will gain such items as:

  • a Most Valuable Pass-porte encouraging Assistance and Good Will where-ere you may go (any resemblance to a forged passport from 1596 is purely coincidental)
  • an Assurance Policy designed to safeguard your wares whether on land or sea
  • a Very Special, Limited-Edition Gaming Jeton acceptable in all reputable gambling establishments
  • a ticket providing access to reserved seating and special comestibles from the Iron Butterfly proverdores at the Half-Circle Theatre, this year showcasing derring-so and piracy on the High Seas with the Baskin-Kerr Aduentures
  • a document attesting to your Good Standing such that The Watch will pass you by (does that Germanic inscription really say Get Out of Jail Free...)
  • Other such sundry delights as we can think of
  • (NB The passport is non-transferable, but any other item could be sold, gifted, barted or gambled away for further benefit.)

Please note that Padrone positions are in limited supply; those who make prompt indication of their intention to invest will find an assured place. Thus if you wish your generosity rewarded by this elect position, make your payment (see below) at your very earliest and be sure to inform the Notarius. Such intentions must be received prior to the Feast of St Paul the Hermit, being January 15 2021.

As always, any funds surplus to production and provision will be used on such things as will make Faire more Entertaining. Given the parlous state of finances due to the Great Plague, this coming Faire's budget has been tightly trimmed to reduce costs for all, and the Banco looks forward to helping fill any gaps with any generous provision of funds.

Can't Come to Faire? Then take up our Special Agent Offer

It may be that many would-be Faire-goers will find their travel plans untenable, whether from Plague, kraken attacks or highway robbery in transportation fees. If you'd like to participate from afar, we have a Special Agent Offer for you.

That is, you purchase a Padroneship and allow an attending Special Agent to receive your Faire benefits; such agents can be nominated by you or arranged by the Banco as suits (anyone wanting to be considered for Special Agent status, let me know). You are guaranteed a Good Feeling from supporting Faire and using your largesse to make life a little brighter for your agent.

In mercantile service, (not dodgy, not dodgy at all)
katherine kerr, Banco Notarius, Canterbury Faire Branch

More Info:
Banco di Don Julio
Canterbury Faire

How to Pay

Want to ensure you become a Padrone and benefit from all the aspects of the Banco offering, then please remit your funds of 25 gold per Padroneship as per the account below and inform the Notarius

NEW ZEALAND Account: 38-9004-0575195-02
First Field: SCA name
Second Field: Mundane surname

You can also arrange to pay in cash at Faire itself, but will need to let me know that's your intention before January 15th 2021.

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