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42nd Crown Resources

Administrative Items: Care of Crown, Attendants Briefing
Reign Programme of Works
Quene's Other Consort: mostly music for choirs and instruments
Lord Pippin's Taonga
The Mad Baskin-Kerr Caribbean Adventures - a Rat and Kat prequel with pirates, derring-do and special stage mechanicals (30-minute YouTube video)

This page holds various items designed to support the reign of Lochac's 42nd King and Queen, Ratbot and Katherine. It is not widely linked but is intended to assist baronages, Seneschals and event stewards in planning, and those undertaking certain shenanigans.

Administrative Items

Care and Feeding of the 42nd Crown

We can provide a briefing document (PDF, 6pg) covering common queries associated with a Royal Progress -- communications, preferences, assumptions, needs etc. Please note that it contains private contact information which should be kept reasonably private.
To obtain a copy: ask Us.

PDF: Attendants' Briefing

This briefing document (PDF, 2pg) is for anyone attending on Us for a timetabled slot, covering Our assumptions, expectations etc. Please print out or send to any attendant, give to senior attendants to go over with new ones etc.
Any improvements: let Us know.

Reign Programme of Works

This reign aims to support a number of Kingdom-wide activities, including:

  • music and theatricals courtesy of the Quene’s Other Consort: see a selection of sheet music, audio files, playlist etc below, feel free to suggest more!
  • a Royal Fanfare Challenge: encouraging short fanfares suitable for calls to court, processionals and recessionals; contact the Stewards and/or Baronages at a Royal visit near you
  • warrants to recognise service to the Court eg for Quene's Other Consort players, Royal Provodores going the extra mile with reign-related comestibles, Crown Artisans putting their skills and services to the benefit of the Crown; members of the Chancery of Lochac, assisting Kingdom communications and other written or diplomatic services
  • the Private Secretary's Spies, Sins and Shenanigans Table operating out of Chancery (info on a need-to-know basis): any suggestions for such most welcomed; Master Nicodemus Novello is the Queen's Private Secretary SSST
  • a review of the Lochac Fleet and Admiralty operations: under weigh
  • a call to support Chancery scribes and the Crown with the production of some simple handwritten notes. To assist, here's a Royal Thank-You note kit with instructions and examples of prepared notes for copying, ideal practice for beginning scribes/scriveners (PDF, 6pg) NB perfection is neither expected nor required.

If you or anyone you know would be suitable for involvement in any of the above, please let the Crown know.
NB this does not involve conscription to the Royal Household, just a chance to get involved in the fun.

The Quene's Other Consort

No, not *that* guy -- rather the collective of Music Makars, Performers and Those of a Theatrickal Bent who are willing to bring delight and entertainment to the Crown and Kingdom.

This music is made available for any who would like to give it a go, most particularly, but not solely, in the presence of the Crown.

Inaugural members of the Consort: Mistress Katharina Weyssin, Master Crispin Sexi, Master Dafydd of the Glens, Mistress Bethan of Brockwood, Master William de Cameron, THL Lowrens Wilyamson, Lord Geoffrey of Exeter, Noble Isaac the Bard, Mistress Aliette le Lièvre. Huzzah these people!

Choral Items

Contrawossits for Singers
Martin Said to His Man - the Kat and Rat verse: a contrawossit reign verse (PDF sheet music, lyrics) to the well-known tune
Of All the Beasts: a contrawossit verse based on The Owle (PDF sheet music, lyrics) to the well-known tune (NWC)
Lady , come down and see: an easy Ravenscroft round; contrawossit lyrics:
(Original) Lady, come down and see: the cat sits in the plum tree.
Lady, come down and see: the Rat has won the Tourney.
Lady, come down and see: the Kat shall now our Queen be.
Lady, come down and see: the Lochac Crown are Kiwi!

What's a contrawossit? A contrafactum is the substitution of one set of lyrics for another without substantially changing the music; modernly often referred to as filking. This practice dates back to 9th-century Gregorian Chant. A contrawossit is what you get when you can't remember the aforesaid term and it becomes A Thing. If the Contrawossit Muse should strike, let Us know.

Rattus et Feles aka Radbot and katherine, Lochac: a processional (SAB) with music by Master Crispin Sexi and lyrics by Master Dafydd of the Glens, as debuted at May Coronation as58.
Sheet music (PDF)
Noteworthy file

Lochac Praeclarus Est: an entry anthem in four parts, arranged for the Coronation of Hugh and Teresa in AS XLII in Southron Gaard.  Music by Josquin des Prez, words by Maestri Daffyd of the Glens and Crispin Sexi, arrangement by THL Lowrens Wilyamson:
All parts, NWC,
Soprano part NWC,
Alto part NWC,
Tenor part NWC,
Bass part NWC

Ein guten Rat (IMSLP sheet music): a challenging but pretty six-parter about "good advice", rather than "good rats" per se but if you emphasise guten Rat, who's to know; King's Singers' version


The Lands of Lochac galliard, arranged by Ignatius and THL Lowrens Wilyamson, with themes that should bring you to your feet, for all sorts of reasons! PDF sheet music; Midi file
Deus Salva Regem: a pavane arranged by Ignatius of Castelburn and THL Lowrens Wilyamson.  It may sound familiar in places. PDF sheet music; Midi file

The Southron Gaard Collection
Being variations on Master Crispin Sexi's song for the Barony of Southron Gaard, simple, cheerful, designed for heavies to sing while wearing their helms:

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Lord Pippin's Taonga

At the Coronation of King Ratbot and Queen Katherine in A.S. 58, Lord Pippin Baskin made a surprise appearance and gave the following address to the assembled Royalty and populace (see video made by Master Aymer de Mannvers). In doing so, he created a taonga for future Crowns who hail from the Crescent Isles and another for the Queen's family line:

Lord Pippin continued in English:

Photo courtesy of Duchess Constanzia

Our ancestor the great chief Maniapoto said: "stick to that, the straight-flying cormorant!"

Your Majesties, Your Excellencies, good gentles of Lochac. My name is Lord Pippin Baskin, currently living in the Shire of Darton. But I was born and raised under the protection of the mighty tower of Southron Gaard - long may she stand!

I have come here today on this our first Coronation of a Crown who hail from those islands. In memory of this occasion, I come to present ceremonial customary gifts to both the King and the Queen - my mother.

For his Majesty the King, I present to him a symbol of our heraldry - those of us who descend from the great chief Maniapoto, of the riverlands of Cluain - Te Kawau Maro, the cormorant displayed. To us, this represents strength and endurance and strategy in battle, with the wings displayed representing warriors arrayed for battle. I offer it to the King as a reminder of the strength with which you won the Crown, and which you now use to protect all wiithin the Kingdom.

Accompanying this, I also present to you a pendant wrought from pounamu, lapis verdis, the greenstone of our Southron Gaard, Te Wai Pounamu.

The mere - the cudgel - into which this is wrought represents strength, both in battle and in oratory.

I present it to you and ask that you keep this taonga safely in your care until such time as another champion who hails from the Crescent Isles is victorious in a Crown tournament, and assumes this throne.

And to my mother, I have for you another taonga wrought of pounamu, and on it is represented the koru or the filix, the spiralling fern fronds which symbolise the universal interconnectedness of families, of creation, and of all things. I ask that you bear this until there may be such a time that it can be passed on to your first granddaughter, to remind her of your mana and your Kuinitanga.

Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu       - Although it is small, it is pounamu.

After recovering from Her absolute astonishment, the Queen's response to these fine words was: We make good children in the SCA!


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