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Registration Form — Canterbury Faire 2021

Please complete this form for one person at a time (including one for each child of any age).
After submitting each booking, you will be given a chance to return for the next person,
and an overall total cost will be accumulated as you proceed.
Privacy policy:

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Legal Name: * *
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Membership No. (leave blank if not a current member on Jan 23 2021)
($2 event membership fee will be added for non-members who are 18 years or older)
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Payment method: Internet/direct credit (NZ bank account holders only)
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Payment confirmation will be emailed to you soon after payment is received.

Hardship discount request: Please discount my site fee by 35% (if selected, the discounted value will be used in the final total)
If CF needs to be cheaper for you to attend, you're qualified - this might include students, pensioners, people on benefits, or those on tight budgets for other reasons

Where did you hear about Canterbury Faire?

E.g. word of mouth, flyer, Pegasus, FTT, UCMRS, email list, social media/website (which?), I'm a regular:


If you are a member of a GROUP making a combined booking (eg a family, couple or household), please include EVERYONE in the group.
All requests for accommodation must be received by 9 January, 2021

People in your group

Please list the names of ALL the people in your group either camping or in the bunkrooms

Onsite Bunkroom Accommodation

Preference for bunkrooms will be given to people travelling from outside of Christchurch, and to families with children.
Any remaining bunk space will be allocated on a first come first served basis. See per-person form (below) to book.

Camping Area for those in tents

If tenting, please indicate the area you will camp in:   View camping areas >>
Note: choose "Commons" unless you normally camp or have been invited this year to camp in one of the named areas, or you live in that hamlet/shire/barony. If yours is a new encampment (7+ people): select "Commons" and contact the stewards.

Accommodation before and after Canterbury Faire

Note: Billet space is limited - for other accommodation options, see this information (opens separate window)
Will you need billeting before or after the event?
If yes, please specify the dates for which you will require a billet:
Please list the SCA names of the people in your group who will require billets:

Individual Booking Information

Please complete this section for EACH PERSON in turn (i.e. not the whole group, if this is a group booking).
 Site Fee

All prices stated in
New Zealand dollars

Children under 2 years
of age are free.

Full Event (Sat 23 - Sun 31) $ ( in this context)

Single Day(s) - $ per day (up to 24 hours)
Select day(s):

Note: To select multiple days, hold down
the Ctrl key as you click, or use whatever
other sequence your browser uses
to make multiple selections

Optional costsPlease note: Bookings for the following options must be received and paid by 20 December
Feast $ or Repast $   (note: there is NO meal plan dinner served on this evening)
Meal Plan   (Details and pricing below)
T-Shirt $25.00 (adult sizes - view T-shirt design here, and find sizing details on this site)
CF Tote Bag $15 - with this year's T-shirt design
Bunkroom gender:   (for shared bunkroom allocation) $15 flat fee per person, free if under 2
Tents $10ea (6 wide by 10 long, 2 eaves, canvas, available at the site)
Number of tents required:
Mattress pair for your tent $5 (for any number of nights) - note they come in PAIRS only, as they are quite thin
If you would like to hire eating kits privately for $10 apiece, email Lord Bjorn.


The shuttle between the airport and site costs $35 each way per person. If the schedule isn't a close match for your flight times (e.g. if you arrive late at night), consider using the handy JucySnooze accommodation near the hotel.
Preferred shuttle time TO Canterbury Faire ($35):
Preferred shuttle time FROM Canterbury Faire ($35):
Please mention flight numbers below if known:
We will endeavour to get you out to site at the time you select but in some cases you may need to wait for the next one so we can transport an economical number of people. This is especially true for visitors arriving in the evening - you may need to stay overnight near the airport and go to site the next day.

Number of check-in sized bags you are expecting to take:

After checking the total, please keep going, there's more below...

Food Allergies and Significant Intolerances

For the meal plan, feast and repast we are catering for only the following food allergies and significant intolerances. We are unable to cater for vegans, even if you select all of the relevant options listed, sorry.
The food will be medieval, therefore no tomato, pineapple, banana (for people who are allergic to those). We do not guarantee to provide matching options for every single dish or offering, e.g. while there will be gluten-free bread, there will not be dairy-free cheese - and so on. See other food options here.

Select allergie(s)/significant intolerance(s):
Note: To select multiple rows, hold down the Ctrl key as you click,
or use whatever other sequence your browser uses
to make multiple selections
All attendees are responsible for their own health and safety at all times!

Garb Hire

Would you like to hire garb for the event?
If you indicate that you require hire garb, we will be in touch with you before the event to arrange this.


Are you interested in merchanting at the Canterbury Faire market?
There is no charge to merchant.

Arts and Sciences Classes

If you are interested in teaching an A&S class at the event, please give details of the topic and level of classes. The A&S co-ordinator will contact you to confirm your class schedule(s).
Class Name/DescriptionBest suited forResources required
(e.g. kitchen space, materials)
Preferred time slots
Check available time slots
1. 1st pref:
2nd pref:
Avoid clashing with:
2. 1st pref:
2nd pref:
Avoid clashing with:
3. 1st pref:
2nd pref:
Avoid clashing with:

If you prefer, you may email your class information to the A & S deputy directly, now or at a later date.

Children's Activities

If you are interested in running a Children's activity at the event, please give details of the activity and preferred timeslot(s). The Children's Activity co-ordinator will contact you to confirm your plans.
Activity Name/DescriptionResources required
(e.g. kitchen space, materials)
Preferred time slots
Check available time slots
1. 1st pref:
2nd pref:
2. 1st pref:
2nd pref:
3. 1st pref:
2nd pref:

If you prefer, you may email your activity information to the Children's Activity coordinator directly, now or at a later date.

Offers of assistance

I am willing to assist with site-heralding duties

I am willing to help with children's activities

I am willing to help with security duties

I am willing to play music at the ball

I am willing to assist with lists duties

If you're willing to help with first aid, please mention your best current qualification:

Half-Circle Theatre

If you're interested in offering a Half-Circle Theatre entertainment, please name or describe your performance here:

(Half-Circle = period or period-style poetry, music, stories or play excerpts)

And finally...

Please keep my details on file and contact me about future Canterbury Faires
Any final comments or questions for the steward?


Catering and Meal Plans

Free (included in site fee): Soup kitchen (first Sunday evening) and a light supper at the Ball are available at no extra charge to all attendees. Note: there is no catering prior to the first Sunday evening, so make your own plans if you arrive before then!

Catered: A catered meal plan with limited allergy selections is available: breakfast of porridge and fruit (Monday - Sunday), light lunches (Monday - Saturday) and cooked dinners (Monday - Saturday, excluding dinner on the evening of the Feast). Note: there is no meal provision on the first (setup) Saturday and only the free soup kitchen on the Sunday evening!

Pricing: All food is free for children under 2. For children aged 2 to 17, breakfasts are $12.00, lunches $20.00 and dinners $25.00. For adults, breakfasts are $12.00, lunches $35.00 and dinners $40.00.

Those who book for any meal plan option are required to assist in the preparation or clean up of one or two meals (depending on numbers).

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All prices include GST. If you require a GST receipt or you have any problems or questions concerning this form or the booking process, just email the booking steward, Radbod von Borg, who will be glad to help!