This sends an email to the designated person containing the information the surfer entered on the current form. FormMail also includes optional template message support for layout control.

Here is a sample form specification which uses this function:

<FORM Method="post"
Please tell me your:
Name  <INPUT Name="SurferName">  (etc)
Email <INPUT Name="Email">
What do you think of it so far:
<TEXTAREA cols=30 Rows=5 Name="txtComments"></TEXTAREA>
<INPUT Type="Hidden" Name="TextAreas" value="txtComments">
<INPUT Type="Hidden" Name="Subject" value="Desired message subject line">
<INPUT Type="Hidden" Name="FromEmail" value="">

...where the filenames after the FORMMAIL keyword can be any name you like, so long as they exist in a path relative to your site's root directory.


Advanced notes for WebHub users:

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