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The Website for the Annual Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting became our main tool for marketing and managing information flows. We found [WebCentre's] help in developing the Website, and rapid attention to the frequent updates invaluable for ensuring timely communication of important notices. The web login form means we also rapidly built up an extensive email database of potential delegates. Thanks for your ongoing efforts!
Martin Kennedy, QMB

I am most grateful for the fantastic job you did in developing for me. As I realised what else it could do, the site grew like topsy during which period friendly, instantaneous help was always just a phone call away.
John Campbell, University of Canterbury

Websites, by their very nature, are always "under construction — you don't need an annoying flashing icon to tell you that, they need to be maintained to ensure that they remain fresh and interesting, and continue to answer your needs and the needs of your target audience.

We can provide a range of support services to help ensure that your site works and continues to work the way you want it to. We can work with you to identify cost-effective ways of keeping the site "live" while ensuring that such on-going maintenance is manageable.

We are happy to provide a range of Web maintenance and marketing services on a contract basis, including site updating, processing and uploading new content, production of new graphics, automation development, 24/7 monitoring. Just let us know what you want.

Such services are typically charged at $60-$180 per hour, depending on the nature of the work requested. This can be billed monthly, or a flat monthly or quarterly support fee can be negotiated where such changes are predictable and consistent.

We are also able to provide training in site maintenance, as well as helpful tips and templates.

But Wait, there's more

There's more to building a Website than simply slapping some graphics and content together and putting the files online. If you want your site to be successful, you need to tell others about it, and keep an eye on which parts of your Website are attracting the most attention.

Many Website owners are keen to find out how well their site is doing in attracting visitors. There are a range of possible measures for gleaning such statistics, depending on the type of information you want to know and, as always, your own business needs and budget.

We can provide a quick, low-cost system which provides critical marketing information such as the keywords, referring sites and search engines that have brought visitors to your site. Or we can build a sophisticated page-by-page, second-by-second analytical system that matches your precise needs.

We can help your chances of getting a good search engine ranking by analysing the appropriate meta-data used to rank your site, creating well-crafted keywords, titles and descriptions, and manually submitting your information to the major search engines and directories.

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