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Special CF2018 Padrone Offer

In support of the visit of Mistress Marian of Heatherdale

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The Banco di Don Julio calls for investors of good standing to support a Very Special Entertainment Offer at Canterbury Faire next -- viz, the appearance of the highly regarded Mistress Marian of Heatherdale, noted songster across the Known World.

Banco Impressario Luan an Fael has arranged a special one-night concert at the Faire by the Celtic chanteuse whose voice has graced many a Kingdom, and now is to be heard in the Crescent Isles. Huzzah!

Mistress Marian of Heatherdale (OL) hails from the snow-bound realm of Ealdormere in the far North, known rightly as The Kingdom That Sings. There, the Bardic tradition is entwined into the very roots of their hearth-trees. Some twenty-five years past, a shy maiden named Marian of Heatherdale bent her knee before her Sovereign Lady, and pledged to serve as one of the fabled Bards of Ealdormere. True to her word, Mistress Marian has travelled the roads of the Known World these many years, visiting good folk and sharing songs and tales about what makes our Society so uniquely vibrant. Always there is laughter; sometimes there are tears, long-held and now released. Always, there is community - music and words, crafted to bring people together in celebration. Mistress Marian and her partner Ben Deschamps are delighted to finally have the opportunity to visit the Crescent Isles and the Continent, and look forward to taking home new tales from the talented bards of Lochac.

(...or to put it more mundanely, Heather Dale and accompaniest Ben Deschamps have been entertaining SCA and other audiences around the world for many years with a fine blend of folk, period and other influences - don't miss this chance!)

The Banco calls for Padrones of a Cultured Bent to support this Share offering where an investment of just 25 gold will see certificates and other benefits accrue, to wit:

  • Reserved seating at the afore-mentioned concert, a most valuable benefit indeed
  • Pampering for such attendees with potables and comestibles (both kinds!)
  • Official certification of the Padrone's beneficence towards the valued performing arts (useful in applications for positions in certain ducal households, we're told)

But wait, there's more:

  • Reserved premium seating at the Half-Circle Theatre
  • A limited-edition souvenir pouch
  • A limited-edition souvenir songbook
  • A special wee treat courtesy of the Good Lady herself
  • Other such sundry delights as we can think of

Minor Shares may be purchased by anyone at Canterbury Faire itself, in the form of a Banco certificate to be exchanged for recognised coinage or promissory notes drawn on reputable fund-holding organisations. These funds, along with that from Padrones, will be put towards supporting the lengthy pilgrimage made by the fair-tongued Marian and her fellow troubador Ben Deschamps.

Multiple shareholdings of diverse types are welcomed, as are the apppointment of agents for absentee Padrones.

Please note that Padrone positions are in limited supply; those who make prompt indication of their intention to invest will find an assured place. Thus if you wish your generosity rewarded by this elect position, make your payment (see below) at your very earliest and be sure to inform the Notarius. Payments must be received prior to Christ's-Mass so that suitable documentation may be prepared.

In harmonius service,
katherine kerr, Banco Notarius, Canterbury Faire Branch
Luan an Fael, Banco Impressario

More Info:
Heather Dale
Banco di Don Julio
Canterbury Faire

How to Pay

Want to ensure you become a Padrone and benefit from all the aspects of the share offering -- we did mention reserved seating for the concert didn't we? -- then here's what you need to do:

Remit your funds of 25 gold through one of the channels noted below, as you see fit, and inform the Notarius of your choice.

Bank Transfers

NEW ZEALAND Account: 01-0527-0071008-00
First Field: SCA name
Second Field: Mundane surname

AUSTRALIAN Account (NAB): 082-343 507024888
First Field: SCA name
Second Field: Mundane surname

For returning Padrones - blessings upon you! - please note that the above account/s differ from any you have received previously.


Paypal to: majus@optusnet.com.au

Remember to email the Notarius katherine kerr when you have made your payment so your name can be recorded in the book and suitable documentation prepared.

Deadline: December 25!!
Remember that seating is limited, so be in early to assure yourself of prime seating for not one but two fabulous evenings of entertainment at Canterbury Faire next.

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