Hosting: a fast, global service

New Zealand may be a long way from anywhere, but we ensure our clients get fast Internet services globally, via our California-based servers which connect to major US Internet backbones with superfast T3 links.

When you host with us, Your site visitors enjoy superb access to your site and you are assured of continued site operation with built-in site redundancy. Our high-performance Web server connects independently at the T3 45 mega-bit/second fiber link provides a huge capacity means excellent access times for site visitors and back-up in case of any problems on any of the backbones.

No matter where you are, you can be sure of fast access and reliable service (and lower costs) by using our US hosting service. To cover tha range of needs, we offer a variety of hosting packages and prices, full secure server hosting for ecommerce applications, and can provide a range of related automation services.

We host many sites keen to gain the advantages a US-based server gives them, from small-scale community-oriented efforts through to major commercial enterprises. All sites receive fast, courteous, helpful attention from our support staff.

Site development will be easier and cheaper, because we provide free standard services such as FormMail and SendMail functions for you or your site developer to use.

Security is well covered, with our secure server and mail encryption services.

Site updating will be less effort, thanks to our automated Web page uploading and downloading, which uses built-in compression for all file transfers.

Microsoft FrontPage support is also available, for those who want the simplest possible approach to site design.

The value of your site will be easy to measure if you select our optional monthly log analysis, which will tell you (among other things) what pages were visited and where surfers came from to get there.

Your site can be a sophisticated money-earner, not just a promotion vehicle, thanks to our custom automation, electronic commerce and dynamic Web site design services.

Your special needs can be handled — our long experience in creating and managing remotely-administered Web sites means we are attuned to particular requirements you may have, such as hosting WebHub-based automated sites.

You'll get quality service, all the time.We're not an ISP catering for thousands of dial-in users — instead, we specialise in Web hosting and automation, giving it our full attention.

Secure server

Although the risks of sending sensitive information (such as credit card details) over the Internet are often exaggerated, they are not zero. A secure server works together with the visitor's browser, using data encryption techniques (known as SSL) to help ensure that even if someone is trying to get at that information, they will be unable to read it.

Consequently, many visitors to Web sites prefer to be able to submit their information via a secure server rather than an ordinary one. To help you provide this capability for your own Web site, we offer the following optional services:

Hosting prices

Every Website has different needs, but we appreciate you'd like to know the ballpark figures involved before you proceed. Here is a general run-down of the prices relating to our hosting services. We are happy to talk with you further about adapting these to suit your circumstances, whether negotiating a quarterly or annual support contract.

Basic Web Site

This package includes:

Setup Cost: $240
Quarterly Cost: $340 (annual or monthly payments can be negotiated)

There are a variety of optional services available.

Advanced Web Site

This package includes the items noted for the Basic Web site above, plus the following Options:

Setup Cost: $350
Quarterly Cost: $720 (annual or monthly payments can be negotiated)

FTP Site

This package includes:

Setup Cost: $150
Monthly Cost: $50

Optional Services

We can provide a broad range of related services, including:

Contact us to find out more.

Special Notes for New Zealand Clients

Do host on with us on our US servers if:

Don't host on our US-based servers if:

We can offer hosting with comparable services in New Zealand (including mirroring in New Zealand and the US), so if you want aNew Zealand-based site, please contact us.

If you are looking for server co-location options, our co-location host, HREF Tools Corporation, have some good deals on offer.

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