Ecommerce: secure, cost-effective

More and more Websites need ecommerce solutions so they can be an income-generating part of the business.

The most appropriate ecommerce solution for your business depends on the level and nature of the transactions you expect to have. These can vary from a simple check and manual processing approach through to a fully fledged real-time automated online transaction processing system dealing in multiple currencies.

We can provide ecommerce services across the range, having worked with small companies wanting an easy, cost-effective way of taking orders through to global organisations dealing in a range of currencies using up-to-the-second exchange rates.

A manual approach allows commercial businesses to take orders and automatically check credit card details for name, a valid credit card number and expiry date. The validity check minimizes bogus or mistyped submissions and ensures time is spent processing real orders. The processing is carried out as per standard.

We can provide ecommerce services for transactions involving any or all of the following:

Secure Information

When dealing with confidential material such as credit card details, we enable you to:

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